BI Assurer - OBIEE Test Automation
Automate OBIEE Regression Testing using BI Assurer

Oracle BI Test Automation
  • Looking for reusability?
  • Looking for repeatable and consistent testing framework?
  • Trying to reduce manual efforts?
  • Quick ROI and no human errors?
  • Robust test cycle?
  • Zero manual intervention
  • Browser/Platform independent scripts
  • Easy to setup, no more executable files
  • 100% Re-usable
  • Report rendering verification
  • Exhaustive testing of Reports in the Web Catalog
  • Report verification under a specific shared folder
  • Captures Report Response Time
  • Data Validation
    • Between instances (Dev / QA / Production)
    • Upgrade Projects
View your results in two simple steps
Oracle BI Performance Testing
  • Looking for Application stability?
  • Avoid server bottlenecks?
  • Improve Application response time?
  • Healthy servers?
  • Reduce risk of downtime
  • Improve deployment quality
  • Increase users satisfaction
  • Minimize potential loss of users
  • Optimize hardware and software costs through accurate capacity metrics
  • Increase the Scalability of application
  • Reduce the cost of failure / changes
Performance Testing Approach
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