The Financial Sector across the Globe is always considered to be the most dynamic sector, and timely action and accurate decision making on strategic business action items play a very pivotal role in gaining the business and retaining customers and introducing / adding new products FCS Financial Sector Analytics, built with an in depth knowledge in this particular field across varied sectors of finance, acquired by means of association with the industry leaders, to provide a one stop solution for this dynamic and niche industry. The solution helps the companies to operate in the Global Financial markets across different sectors to use the information in a Strategic way to achieve the business objectives and earn profit across wide portfolio of products maintained.
The Financial Analytics from FCS, based on the nature of the business, it makes the Solution a unique and one of its kind of solution in the BI Market to choose from
  • BFSI ( Banking and Financial Services Industry ) Which in turn can be categorized to Retail & Commercial
  • Capital Markets
  • Asset Management & Servicing Industries The Solution Addresses the Following Key Business Areas:
  • How are my Branches Performing Revenue & Profitability
  • Product wise Sales Overall and Branch wise sales
  • Analyzes the Customer Spending Habits, in turn helps in Client portfolio management and servicing
  • Account wise profitability Analysis
  • Credit Appraisals and Ranking of Customers
  • Deposit analysis which captures the deposits and tenures and the profitability on the investments made there on