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As technology switches paths to a more convergent, pervasive and disruptive future, enterprises must take stock of post-downturn realities: voice revenues are declining. Consumers are switching brands like never before. The immediate agenda then is driving operational efficiency and reining in costs while exploiting new business models, and revenues from new services or products. Priorities in the future are developing new business models and staying connected with consumers — always.

Challenges & Opportunities
Operational agility: Mature communications operators have typically grown through consolidation; and the addition of bolt-on solutions to an existing infrastructure for handling new services. Competing with more agile players will require enterprises
to simplify key operational requirements such as customer understanding and responsiveness, on-going cost reduction, usage-based pricing, and bundled offerings.
Innovation: The lines are blurring between wire line, wireless, cable and satellite companies — they are interconnected like never before. Enterprise success is now linked to differentiating a new integrated portfolio with innovative service offerings.
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