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Retailing, distribution, manufacturing and the supply chain that links them together have seen recent significant change. New sales channels and the continuing drive for globalization have placed increasing pressure on the consumer goods industry. Consequently there has been a continuing drive to re-engineer consumer goods supply chains with the aim of establishing major efficiencies. This investment has affected strategies, structures, operations and systems throughout retailing.

Consumer Product companies need to be able to answer these and many others in order to sustain margins and profitability in today’s highly competitive environment:
What is the ROI on my promotion spend?
What is my trade spend compared to net sales?
How do I minimize out of stock and optimize inventory?
Am I gaining market share from my competitors?
Which of my product categories have the highest profit margin?

[+] FCS offers Demand Signal Repository solutions, a virtual crystal ball to CP companies to gain 360o insight into operations and         profitability and enables CP companies to:
[+] Trade Promotion Effectiveness Analysis
[+] Demand driven Supply Chain Optimization
[+] Sales and Competitive Analysis
[+] Effective Category Management