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Course ID 400: Oracle Data Integrator(ODI) Complete
Course Description Day 1

Basics of Oracle Data Integrator
  • Introduction to Oracle Data Integrator 11g
  • Architecture of Oracle Data Integrator
  • Importance, Benefits and Key Differentiators
  • Oracle Data Integrator 11g New Features

Concepts of ODI Repositories
  • Master Repository
  • Work Repository

Overview of Topology
  • Concepts behind the Topology Interface

Advanced Topology: More on JDBC

Introduction to Knowledge Modules
  • Interface: LKM, IKM and CKM
  • Models: RKM, JKM and SKM

Metadata Management
  • Where to find your database metadata in ODI
  • How to import Metadata from your databases
  • How to use ODI to generate your models

Designing Interfaces with multiple sources, Joins and Filters

Course Description Day 2

Advanced Interface Concepts
  • Datasets in ODI Interfaces, Yellow Interfaces

Working with Lookups, Datasets

Working with Variables, Functions and Procedures
  • Variable Configuration
  • Using Variables in mappings

Package Creation, Execution, Logging

User Functions
  • User function and its properties

ODI Procedures
  • Creation Procedures and examples

Monitoring and Debugging Interfaces / Packages

Generating Scenarios & Scheduling Scenarios
  • Review the scheduling of the Agent and view the scheduling information

  • Guide lines for Import and Export
  • Operations, Import modes

Understanding Versions and Solutions
  • Understanding, Checking and Restoring a version, version comparison tool
Course Description Day 3

Pre-Check for PS1

Configuring the External
  • Accessing ODI Repository for BIAPPS Project
  • Customizing ODI Parameters and Memory Management
  • Configuring External Authentication Files
  • Configuring External Users for ODI

Introduction to Load Plan
  • Creating and executing load plans
  • Load Plan Step Sequence
  • Ruining Load Plans
  • Variable and Exceptions in load plans

Managing Security
  • Securing Production and Development data

Configuration Manager of BIAPPS
PS1 Customization
  • Customization Process
  • Categories of Customization
  • Adding a fact table


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