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EDI/B2B Services
FCS offers a wide range of services to its customers in the field of Electronic Commerce from assessment to implementation. Our services are designed to satisfy both the EDI-novice companies, as well as for the companies well established in EDI.

Our EDI experts can get you on to EDI path quickly providing optimal solutions. We have extensive knowledge and experience in managing the technology infrastructure and the day-to-day activities of your trading partner process, including partner on boarding, migrations and exception management and all of this with the best practices that are backed up by the most reliable communications platform in the market.

FCS supports different EDI standards and any-to-any translations for e.g. from SAP IDOC, Flat files, XML documents to EDI files and vice versa with the help of Subject Matter Experts (SME) across multiple Domains.
FCS Offerings for New Entrants
  • Solution Assessment & Planning
    • Our EDI Architects can assess the right solution at the right time evaluating your business needs, risks and the existing landscape, thereby, reducing your operational expenses.
    • Our EDI Professionals evaluate the critical success factors and translate them into true reality with its strategic and Short Term planning.
    • We understand your business requirements and translate them into the technical requirements.
  • Implementation Services
    • We support you right from the step of installation and implementing the complete business integration solution.
  • Support Services
    • FCS has dedicated and committed staff that provides ongoing support after implementation.
    • FCS is well aligned to do EDI Integration, Mapping, Programming Implementation and Project Management.
[+] FCS Offerings for Well Established EDI Clients
[+] EDI Tools Expertise @ FCS
FCS promises to stand you better than the best in B2B e-commerce.