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Endeca Information Discovery
What is Endeca?
Endeca helps to create a comprehensive technology platform to process, store, manage, search and analyze structured and unstructured information together enabling businesses to make stronger and more profitable decisions. Also, it provides the power to bring together diverse data from a variety of sources inside and outside of the organization, with remarkable ease and speed, resulting in better alignment with the business and a more agile IT organization.
FCS Endeca Service Portfolio
Discovery Services
  • Identify and analyze data sources
  • Identify important attributes
  • Identify use cases
  • Plan for implementation or POC
Training Services
  • Endeca Developer Trainings
  • Endeca Administration Trainings
POC Services
  • Identify scope and use case
  • •  Typically 4 5 data sources
  • Define success criteria
  • Quickly load Endeca Server
  • Create sample application in Endeca Studio
  • Advise implementation plan
Managed Support Services
  • Keeping the lights on
  • Performance tuning
  • Enhancements
Implementation Services Iterative Approach
  • Quick Requirement Gathering
  • •  Sources and Attributes for discovery
  • •  Studio Application Page Layout
  • Installation (scalable deployment option)
  • Develop graphs to load Endeca Server
  • Create Studio Application
  • Iterate with Users
  • Optimize for performance
  • Production Go-Live
  • Real-time query response. Oracle Endeca Server uses proprietary data structures and algorithms that allow it to provide real-time responses to client requests
  • Support for parallelism. Oracle Endeca Server abstracts query evaluation from physical processors, maximizing performance across multi-core processors. Queries can be automatically split across processors and processed in parallel, leading to higher performance and lower latency
  • Support for Web services. Oracle Endeca Server offers best-in-class SOA capabilities, supporting an out-of-the-box WS-I-compliant SOAP API for data handling and easy integration into the enterprise stack
  • Data governance and security. Architected to meet the security demands of leading financial services institutions and U.S. government agencies, Oracle Endeca Server is reliable and secure in high-scale, high-traffic deployments