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The Energy & Utilities industry worldwide continues to be affected by higher energy prices, a continued focus on deregulation, and the economic impact of unsuccessful business alliances and mergers. As a result, harnessing the information efficiently is very critical to every energy and utility enterprise. Creating a sustainable competitive edge in the global markets require information to be used in a strategic way to support business objectives. FCS’s energy and utilities consultants work very closely with international energy companies, major lending institutions, energy distributions and consumers and government to help them evaluate change and capitalize on opportunities.
FCS's Energy & Utilities Analytics solution has been built with the inputs from many major industry players. The solution leverages the standard BI Apps solutions and synergises the different modules such as Financial, Asset Management and Service Analytics.

The solution addresses the following key business problems :
  • What is the average demand for energy and how am I meeting the requirement?
  • What are the different losses incurred during the energy distribution process and how do they affect the overall efficiency?
  • How efficiently am I addressing the maintenance requirement of the equipments?
  • How can I do forecasting, scheduling, pricing and profitability analysis of the business?
  • What can I do for profiling customer complaints and addressing these?
  • What are requirements for Regulatory Reporting?
  • Key Content Coverage
    • Asset Management Analytics
      • Asset Information, Capture, storage & reporting
      • Scheduling Maintenance Work Orders
      • Asset Tracking
      • MTTR & MTBF analysis
      • Asset Utilization & Efficiency
      Receivables Analytics
      • Remittance Processing and Credit analysis
      • Profitability Analysis
      Service Analytics
      • Customer Profiling
      • Complaint closure cycle analysis
      • Customer complaint profiling
      Meter & Billing Analytics
      • Unit wise Billing Details
      • Individual Profitability Analysis
      • Forecasting & Pricing Analysis
      • Consumption Trend Analysis
      • Consumption Forecast
  • Key Benefits
  • Stand alone industry vertical BI Apps solution
  • Better visibility in overall financial, asset maintenance & performance and customer care
  • Ability to take pre-emptive action to manage process efficiency

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