Business-to-Business Integration has become a common buzz word across all the industries to automate the business processes across trading partners. Of all frameworks, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) continues to be a leading standard in B2B globally.

FCS Major goal of B2B integration is to provide mission-critical, scalable, reliable secure B2B Hubs and real-world e-commerce collaborations. Over years of progressive experience in the Application-to-Application Integration practice, FCS successfully expanded it's footprint into Business-to-Business Integration Solutions between the business partners & other processes using GXS tool.
FCS has established a strategic partnership with one of the leading EDI solution providers, Global Exchange Services (GXS), enabling our customers to leverage our GXS Services in managing and implementing EDI solutions on various platforms. The various services include Architecture assessment, Consulting services, Implementation, Integration, Upgrade and Managed services. FCS Offers and consistently delivers comprehensive EDI processes and services to configure, install and administer leading enterprise EDI Platforms like GXS, webMethods, Gentran, GIS, OmniTrans etc.
FCS Supports the translation of documents from SAP IDOC, Flat files, XML documents to EDI files (X12/EDIFACT/TRADACOM) vice versa. Some of the standards we have implemented in recent past
  • ANSI X12 Standards:
    • Supply Chain: 830, 832, 850, 855, 860, 861, 862, 865, 852, 870, 880
    • Logistics: 110, 210, 204, 211, 212, 214, 315
    • Financial: 820, 823, 823, 810
    • Warehouse: 940, 945
    • HealthCare: 834, 837
  • EDIFACT Standards:
FCS has highly experienced EDI professionals, who can help for any type of EDI requirements. Following are the few IT services and solutions that FCS can offer
  • Providing B2B Architecture and Mentoring services
  • Establishment of a B2B hub, best practices implementations
    • Support to On-board trading partners
    • Managing the profiles and maintaining the archives
  • EDI Mapping Services
    • Builds extensivelythe GAP analysis between the application layout and the EDI layout
    • BuildEDI Specifications or Implementation Guidelines for your need
    • Builds the EDI Map either usingGXS AI or webMethods
    • FCS has theexpertise to build maps of any version of any EDI standard
  • EDI Upgrade Services
    • Upgrade activities from Omni Trans 2.x/3.x to GXS 5.x
    • Supports the EDI Standards version upgrade (for e.g. From X12 2040 to 4010)
    • Upgrade using the best practice methodologies
    • Testing the upgraded process in QA environment and a possible pre-prod testing
    • Support/Maintenance of the upgraded version in production environment
  • EDI Maintenance / Production Support
    • Onboarding of new Trading Partners
    • Maintenance of existing EDI services
    • Handling of change requirements
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