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Healthcare organizations have automated systems that affect the quality of human lives. Technology development, integration and implementation partners who understand your industry and challenges are essential to ensure that quality never suffers. FCS has worked closely with healthcare providers and payers, distributors, manufacturers, government entities and non-profit health organizations over the years and we understand the unique challenges and requirements of your business.

Reliable information technology expertise from FCS can enhance your role in the healthcare value chain making your organization more effective. FCS is uniquely qualified to build, integrate and support mission-critical business applications. We create solutions that effectively meet the business requirements of organizations in all facets of the healthcare value chain. Our experts provide Application Development and
Enterprise Integration, Materials Management, Business Intelligence Solutions, Supply Chain Management, Human Capital Management, Payroll and Benefits, Financial and Accounting Management, Infrastructure and Security. We enable Collaborative Real-time Healthcare Value Chain by integrating processes, people and information across the healthcare value chain. Our Centers of Competencies (CoC) for Collaboration and Engagement, Analytical Services, Business Transformation Services and Regulatory Services provide specific solutions to:
  • Increase operational efficiency by facilitating seamless flow of information across application and process boundaries
  • Make information available in real time wherever it is needed and in a convenient format
  • Providing decision making ability to all stakeholders based on precise information and analytics
  • Building a collaborative network encompassing internal and external stakeholders

FCS promises to minimize paper-based activities, consolidate member data and streamline enrolment, quoting, renewals, lead Management and underwriting processes. We have an extensive track record of helping companies better leverage their investments in technology and improve their business processes. We have been assisting leaders in healthcare by providing business solutions that seamlessly facilitate the flow of necessary information from one link in the value chain to the next and back again – both internally and externally.