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Hi-Tech Manufacturing
Though a part of manufacturing industry in general, the following characteristics make the hi-tech manufacturing a unique branch :
  • Sophisticated products involving R&D
  • Large number of components used low weight and high value
  • High volume, rapidly changing, inventory risk
  • Contract manufacturing, in-house testing and assembly

FCS Hi-Tech Manufacturing Analytics, built with an in depth knowledge in this particular field, acquired by means of association to some of the industry leaders, provides a one stop solution for this niche industry segment, synergising the different functional modules like Financial, SCM, Quality, Planning & Manufacturing.
The solution addresses the following key business problems :
  • How is my current booking rate against catch-up rate for meeting the order forecast?
  • What is the overall order fulfilment cycle time?
  • What is the impact of contractor delivery delays on shipments?
  • How many deliveries are delayed beyond the acceptable timeline?
  • What is the 80/20 analysis of the demand mix?
  • How can I check the performance quality of supplier product as well as final assembled product?
  • What is DSO distribution over different product lines?
  • Key Content Coverage
    • Demand Analytics
      • Demand Forecast
      • Booking and Backlog Analysis
      • 80/20 Analysis of Demand Mix
      Shipment & Revenue Analytics
      • Channel Sales
      • DSO
      • Shipment Delay Reasons
      • Shipment Backlog
      • Cash Flow
      Operational Analytics
      • Manufacturing Cycle Time
      • Yield Analysis
      • Engineering and Obsolescence
      Vendor Analytics
      • Yield Analysis
      • Delivery Performance
      • Quality
  • Key Benefits
  • Stand alone industry vertical BI Apps solution
  • Better visibility in overall financial, supply chain and quality parameters
  • A focussed approach on key business metrics, e.g. DSO, BBB
  • A tighter control on vendor performance and schedule adherence