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Governments, federal, state and local, today are overwhelmed with consumers’ increasing service expectations, aging workforce, rapid technology change even as they grapple with limitations of legacy systems, adapting to active regulatory and policy environment, and pressure to cut costs and trim budgets amidst fiscal deficits.

We believe you can get the best of commercial innovation and practices and predictable delivery, to derive the business value you have always been looking for. FCS is a new generation consulting and IT services company, focused on delivering actual business value. Whether it’s a ‘business-as-usual’ project or handling large complex projects, we help companies all the way – from analyzing the true business impact of the projects to articulating and achieving measurable business value from business and IT investments. Our distinct business and technology solutions combine commercial best practices, best-of-breed partners and renowned execution to deliver measurable value with predictability. We help public sector organizations build tomorrow’s enterprise.