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Inventory and Kanban Analytics
Inventory and Kanban Analytics solutions from FCS is an extension to Oracle's Inventory Analytics and provides lot-based inventory transactions and balances, Inventory Cycle Count, Inventory Excess and Obsolescence Analytics, Inventory Aging and Expirations. The Kanban Analytics extension provides analytics on the Kanban Replenishments, Kanban Performance and Kanban Activity details. Kanban Card details are also extracted from the source system and analytics can be done by Kanban Cards as well.

Inventory & Kanban Analytics comes with out of the box reports for
  • Inventory Daily Balance by Lot
  • Lot/ Serial Control, Inventory Aging
  • Excess and Obsolescence Management
  • Inventory Transactions and Balance at Lot Level
  • Lot based Expirations Calculations
  • Cycle Count Metrics - Hit/Miss Accuracy Kanban
  • Kanban Replenishment Cycles
  • Kanban Performance
Key Roles
  • VP Manufacturing
  • Cost Accountant
Key Benefits
  • Know hit/miss ratios for Inventory Cycle Count?
  • Track Obsolete Inventory and Expiring Inventory
  • Track Vendor Managed Inventory Levels
  • Control Inventory Cost
  • Reduce On-Hand Inventory
  • Optimize Number and Quantity of Kanban Cards