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Manufacturing Analytics
  • Is my production capacity fully utilized?
  • To what extent can I ramp up or ramp down my production?
  • How do I improve the overall effective time of my resources?
  • What are the most significant underlying causes for product rejections?

The 6 R's are the end goals for a manufacturing company. Right product, right customer, right time, right quality, right price and right profit. In order to do this, a manufacturing company must measure, analyze, and correlate data used by each line of business. Manufacturing Analytics solutions from FCS helps an organization by providing:
Role-Based Analytical Dashboards: Pre-built role based dashboards for various roles in Manufacturing. Each dashboard is individually tailored keeping in mind the requirements and responsibilities of the particular role and offers a jump start into analytics.
Manufacturing Analytics solutions from FCS also offers targeted analytical workflows to help in identifying the problem areas quickly and respond to them in timely fashion.
Roles: VP Operations, VP Manufacturing, Plant Manager, Manufacturing Supervisor, Quality Manager, Maintenance Manager, Planner.
Support for Ad-hoc Reporting: Drag and Drop Reporting against comprehensive measure libraries that encompass major key performance indicators in manufacturing decision making.
Collection Programs: Pre-built collection programs for multiple sources like Oracle Database, SQL Server, External sources like Excel and flat files.
Integration to Oracle BI APPS: Sharing of common dimensions and methodology - For Oracle BI Applications customers, reuse of existing BI Dimensions is supported. All dimensions and facts adhere to the development standards of Oracle BI Applications and customization guidelines.
Key Business Benefits:
  • Payback period in less than 6 months!
  • Reduce overall production costs
  • Respond to changes in demand patterns quickly
  • Proactively monitor plant health
  • Increase line throughput
Key Features:
  • Works in conjunction with Oracle
    BI apps 7.9.5 and 7.9.6
  • Fully supports discrete, process, and lot-based manufacturing operations
  • Over 100+ industry metrics, reports & dashboards
  • Seamless integration with Oracle BI Platform (OBIEE, ODI/OWB/Informatica)
  • Flexible, customizable and dynamic analytics and drill downs
  • Has pre-built adapters to EBS 11.5.10 & R12
Pre-Packaged Adapters for E-Business Suite:
Manufacturing comes with pre-built adapters leveraging existing ETL investment for collecting:
  • Bill of Materials/Recipe
  • Inventory
  • Material and Resource Cost
  • Process and Product Quality
  • Work Order/Flow Schedule/Process Batches
Analytical Workflows and Drill downs
Inbuilt with the product is a series of analytical workflows and drill downs that facilitate decision making by helping the user intuitively identify the bottlenecks and arrive at quicker resolution.
[+] Oracle Discrete Manufacturing Analytics
[+] Oracle Process Manufacturing Analytics
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