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Metals & Manufacturing
To succeed in today’s economic environment, manufacturers must transform their operations. They must address lower consumer spending, trading down and tight credit markets.

FCS leverages deep industry expertise to help manufacturers navigate this increasingly dynamic and volatile marketplace. Our innovative solutions draw on cutting-edge technologies to improve your business results, especially in this difficult climate.

Our various offers with respect to metals & manufacturing are given below:

Research & Development
Metals & Manufacturing companies must overcome significant obstacles in the research and development arena if they are to maintain a strong market position. By enhancing innovation and speeding time-to-market, companies can win market share and avoid negative product margins..
Supply Chain
Efficient supply chain management helps forward-thinking manufacturing companies reduce their costs. The need for a tighter integration between ERP and shop-floor data, wider interoperability and data standards, and better manufacturing intelligence and visibility becomes readily apparent.
Marketing, Sales & Services
FCS’s proven expertise in manufacturing strategy, process and infrastructure can help businesses win customers and achieve sustainable profits.
Supporting Functions
The manufacturing industry has been subjected to periods of dramatic, accelerated change. To survive in the current climate, manufacturing companies must particularly focus on their core competencies such as research and development, manufacturing, and sales and marketing.
Business Information Management for Manufacturing
Globalization and fluctuating energy prices are forcing manufacturers to transform their operations and deliver greener products. FCS can help you communicate more effectively and improve your sustainability performance. Our tools further leverage your growing volume of data in order to make better-informed investment decisions.