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Key Content Coverage
      Depot Repair Analytics
      • Service Cycle Time Analysis
      • Estimate Booking Vs Actual Booking
      • Operational Service Backlog
      • Revenue Service Backlog
      Planning Analytics
      • Order to Manufacturing
      • Order to Fulfillment
      Booking, Backlog, Revenue Analytics
      • Orders and Service Booking
      • Order and Service Operational Backlog
      • Orders and Service Financial Backlog
      • Orders and Service Revenue Backlog
      Quotation Analytics
      • Quote Revenue ,Cost Margin Report
      • Quote Win/Loss Report
  • Key Benefits
  • Stand alone industry vertical BI Apps solution
  • Better visibility in overall financial, supply chain and operational parameters
  • A focused approach on key business metrics, e.g., BBR, Service Cycle Time, Estimates vs. Actual, Order to Fulfillment, Quote Margin, Quote Status, etc.
  • A tighter control on operational performance and schedule adherence
  • Effective Analysis of Quotations