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FCS recognizes the impact which Open Source technology has on IT needs for small and medium size companies and has set up an open source competency center to address this market. Our experience in open source technology helps us to offer cost effective solutions in various technology areas. FCS carefully analyzes the client requirements to understand their business needs and assists to migrate the existing applications and data, to the new software. We also provide technical support to the software delivered. We are continuously training, upgrading and scaling our resource pool dedicated to Open Source based development and research initiatives.
While our servicing if clients need to customize and release productive solutions, we have consistently developed skills to use some of readily available tools and frameworks which are in wide use for quick time solutions. FCS brings the best of open source services, the advantages of off shoring and the satisfying experience of a fruitful partnership -packaged under a single offering which translates into a win-win situation for you. Development Environment Open source based development environment with tools selection for development environment and build system (Ant, Eclipse), code repository (CVS), Feature/Defect management (Bugzilla) and project collaboration.
Our Services :
  • Application Engineering Services: FCS assembles and integrates open source components along with appropriate proprietary or commercial components while customizing, where needed, to solve unique business challenges.
  • Product co-development: Ground up development on open source stack Application Migration: FCS can help in migrating a part or all of an existing business application to a new set of open source software components.
  • Integration services: FCS customizes and configures open source business applications and integrates these applications into IT infrastructure and with existing business applications.
  • QA/Testing: FCS offers a suite of standalone offerings to ensure quality and reliability of your open source software.
  • Support & Maintenance: FCS provides application maintenance and support for open source Business Applications.