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BI Path Finder
BI, ETL Data Lineage using BI Path Finder

FCS BI Path Finder is a revolutionary BI Product that accelerates the impact analysis & Data Lineage requirements in an Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition based reporting system. It is a dual advantage product that guarantees the following:
  • Impact Analysis
  • Comprehensive KPI/Metrics/Dashboard Library
Frequent questions posed by IT Managers on BI Applications implementation:
  • How do I know which reports are impacted when I change a database entity?
  • How do I know which reports need to be tested when there is a change in the database schema?
  • How do I know which measures are available for my reporting?
  • How do I validate customization and extension estimates?
Key Features:
  • Unified view of BI Applications from source to dashboard
  • Provides RPD Lineage, WebCat Lineage and ETL Lineage
  • Supports Oracle BI Apps 7.9.5 and 7.9.6
  • Supports E-Business Suite 11.5.10 and R12
  • Comes with pre-packaged scripts for reporting on further customizations
  • Available in the hosted and SaaS models