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Quality Assurance Services
FCS offers Quality Assurance Services that helps to deliver high quality Business Solutions and Technologies. Our domain and industry-focused testing services ensures that IT applications meet growing business needs with High Performance and Availability. We have dedicated software testing practices which are the center of our software testing delivery, intellectual property creation and thought leadership. It consists of a world-class team with software testing experts in functional testing, performance testing, Compatibility testing, Test automation and Specialized Testing.

Our Services
Our Enablers:
Our testing teams continuously analyze and leverage our experience across engagements to create innovative best practices which optimize and accelerate testing.
Talented People
Our main asset is our People who are trained, experienced and highly skilled at their Job. Our Managers are highly skilled with deep technical and industry experience. We've got the Best People in the Business and they're here for you at FCS. Our team of test professionals has chosen a career in testing and are Passionate about developing deep Skills.
Quality Assurance
Our stringent commitment to international standards of quality has been the reason behind our spectacular growth. We are firm believers in investing in the latest technology to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients. It's at the root of our obsession with quality when it comes to our own operations. We strongly believed that testers need to have an exceptional understanding of the business in order to do a good job. That's why our testers focus on building domain knowledge in addition to their technical expertise. Our testing experts are paired with FCS business analysts on dedicated teams which helps to ensure that testing is aligned with business needs and priorities.
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