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FCS a TEKsystems Global Services® Division invests in design, development and innovation of Technology and continues to adapt it towards the evolving needs of the digital navigation and location based Service Markets.

FCS' Solutions have helped companies to operate within a variety of markets - as we understand the issues that drive them. FCS' Services are offered on a Project or strategic staffing basis, across almost all Technology Platforms, Operating Systems and infrastructures. FCS has been delivering software products and solutions for companies across the Globe, providing customers with the benefits of rapid development cycles, extensive customization, reduced cost of ownership and reliable support.
Through our competency centers, FCS Software Engineers identifies the Technology, tools and methodologies which are most appropriate to solve specific Customer challenges and work with clients to develop proofs of concept. The team also develops re-usable frameworks and components to solve generic industry problems. FCS is constantly looking in new Technologies from Leading Vendors and Alliances with industry leaders contribute significantly to our R&D Approach.

As new Technologies are more widely adopted by customers, we launch competency centers which stay at the forefront of a new technology and are the first ones to execute customer projects in that competency. As the processes and tools specific to that competency are defined and documented, a Team of Professionals are trained to take project execution responsibility.