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The success of distribution and transportation companies depends on their agility and ability to innovate. Automotive companies need logistics professionals to stay ahead of the competition. Car, truck, and SUV producers have expanded to meet international needs. While business is good for most automotive firms, smaller companies looking to get ahead need to use logistics to their rescue. A good logistics department is able to ensure that production facilities have the raw resources they need, that designers have the information they need to create a reasonable product, and that dealerships are able to house a certain number of vehicles at their facility.

Companies with high volumes of sales for smaller consumer products are in need of exceptional logistics professionals. Warehouses, distribution centers, call centers,

and retail outlets need to be coordinated in order to ensure that every customer gets what they need. Telecommunication companies need logistics professionals to coordinate shipping to get the most products possible to each outlet. Publishing firms need logistics professionals to coordinate author appearances with the shipment of the appropriate books to bookstores.

What FCS Provides
FCS provides flexible, reliable and efficientsuite ofIT consultingand enterprise solution services to help logistics companiesbuild the capabilities required to address key challenges, improve process efficiencies, lower their total cost of ownership of IT and infrastructure, and improve quality in IT delivery.