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Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrades to Release12
To keep pace with the market dynamics, you need to make sure that your Oracle E-Business Suite applications are capable of supporting your business objectives. Oracle EBS R12 upgrades & reimplementations are always a challenge, often taking longer and costing more than expected, because of all the uncertainties involved. FCS Oracle EBS upgrade solution would enable your organization to extract from your new and existing Oracle investments.
Upgrade vs Re-Implementation
Every customer arrives at this crossroad while preparing to migrate to the latest offering of Oracle EBS. Currently many 11i customers are staring at a de-support deadline of Oracle EBS 11i and lower versions towards the end of 2011. Some of the concerns that come up are:

  • How will my product customizations fare during an "upgrade"?
  • What are the customizations that can be retired?
  • I have too many boundary/third-party integrations which I would need to retain. How will my upgrade strategy look like?
  • Does this give me a window of opportunity to change my financials and chart of accounts structure?
  • How do I ensure that any technology or platform investments that I make now will continue to be future proof?
  • Where does my implementation stand with respect to Fusion Applications Release?

FCS has a proven track record in aligning with the customer strategy towards addressing most of these concerns.
Re-Implementation Upgrade
Changes in business structure (SOBs, OUs) Business transformation
Acquisition, Expansion Merger, Acquisition, Restructuring
Change in organizing COA, Calendar, Currencies, Costing methods No change in organizing COA, Calendar, Currencies, Costing methods
Change in configuration (Languages, Currencies) Small configuration changes
Replacing old modules Large delta from new to old APPS
Replacing / retiring RICE components Few RICE components
Replacing old modules / implementing new modules Existing modules
Minimize large data volume Cleanup past mistakes
Longer timeframe Short timeframe
Relatively more expensive than an upgrade Low cost
Minimum change management Complex upgrade path
More flexibility to change configuration Limited ability to change configuration
Larger teams Small teams
Avoid catch-up patching Patches need
Data conversion would be required Data conversion is minimal
3rd party integrations to be re-written 3rd party integrations can be 'upgraded'
No system downtime required System downtime required
No history is captured Retain all history