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Warehouse Management Analytics
Warehouse Management Analytics offers superior analytical capabilities to Warehouse Managers by offering comprehensive visibility across all aspects of warehouse management. Effective Management of the warehouse space and meeting the customer delivery time lines is the most important factor for any warehouse. With the Warehouse Management Analytics solutions from FCS, Warehouse Managers would be able to control the backlog and past due fulfillment backlog orders. Warehouse Management Analytics solutions from FCS acts as a great facilitator to all the Warehouse managers for actively monitoring the above key metrics along with other indicators such as Receipt to Put Away Cycle Time, Order to Ship Confirm Cycle Time, Warehouse Occupancy, Count Picks and Exception trend, etc.
Key Business Areas Addressed:
  • How many orders are in backlog?
  • What is the Average Cycle Time for inbound and outbound logistics across different warehouse organizations?
  • What is the Warehouse Occupancy by different warehouses and sub inventories?
  • Which warehouse is most optimized?
Key Roles:
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Inventory Manager
Key Entities:
  • Receiving
  • Inventory
  • Warehouse Management
  • Purchasing
  • Order Management
Key Benefits:
  • Analyze delivery trends to improve performance
  • Monitor trends to meet the customer satisfaction
  • Optimize the overall warehouse organization efficiency
Out of the Box Reports and Dashboards:
  • Pick Analysis
  • Cross Plant Analysis
  • Average Release to Pick Cycle Time (Hours)
  • % of Occupancy of Volume
  • Ware House Storage Utilized by Organization
  • Picks Exceptions Rate
  • Picks Exception By Reason
  • Picks Trend by Current Quarter Vs Prior Quarter
  • Total No.of Ship Confirmed Lines
  • Total No.of Ship lines Picked
  • Average Pick to Ship Cycle Time (Hours)
  • Total Purchase Lines Received
  • Average Receipt to Putaway Cycle Time(Hours)
  • and many more